To facilitate a balanced development of human mind, body and soul in their formative years in a school system through design and delivery of curriculum-oriented classroom instructions, inculcation of the finest universal human values and development of a free spirit of enquiry, curiosity and scientific temper using most appropriate modern teaching and training methodologies, techniques, modes and media.



Education is a participate and collaborate activity. We follow the motto learn, love, labour. “learn” stands for the efforts of teacher to find out and polish the learning abilities of the situation. “love” promotes the benevolent outlook of students and teachers to Nature and all fellow beings. “labour” symbolizes the hard work and diligence to leave no stone unturned to produce efficient and effective learning in conducive environment. Inculcation of this vision not only enhances the personality but also prepares each student to become an enlightened, responsible, and technologically savvy. With the correct blend of co-curricular activities and academic good values and fostered through love and compassion. The school aims at continuous commitment and development for the improvement of the child. It also ensured that each and every initiative is taken to develop the holistic growth of the student.