Chairman's Message

Individual difference in children's grasping abilities and iq levels are natural. The school facilitates the weak to overcome their inefficiencies.
Even in the so called best schools in the country, only a small percentage of students are top scorers, majority being either average or just above or below the average level of performance. Brilliance is not common though mediocrity as we at NDPS consider it a responsibility of the school to create an environment conducive to an uninhabbited learning.
The school management has the primary role of creating the context with a pupil friendly philosophy. The school leadership actualises this philosophy into a value system that is shared and appreciated by all teachers and the supporting staff. I can vouch for our school,the NDPS. The school is on its path to become a quality school, a temple of learning and enlightenment upholding our ancient 'guru-shishya parampara'. A true guru is one who shows the right path to her / his disciple to reach the elevated goal of self actualisation of disciple's true potential.
I welcome you to our school and wish you an enriching experience full of learning and enlightenment.